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Foster did you decorate the kids room?

we just found out on friday that our app was approved!  We have a "welcome" visit tomorrow by our new licensing counselor and then we can start having kids placed with us.  We are licensed for one child ages 0-5.  Of course, the bedroom that is for the foster kids has a bed as well as a crib in it, so we can cater to either.  Not sure how to decorate though!  At our old house when we were licensed we had one room with a crib and it was yellow and done up in primary colors so it was gender neutral for either a girl or a boy.  Then the other bedroom had twin beds in it, and was a pale green with white curtains, and had some kids at the beach pics up. It was also very gender neutral.  we have since adopted our son, and now are only licensed for 1...we used to take 2 at a time.  The bedroom is white, has white lace curtains, and a white crib.  I am putting a chandelier in their (i inherited one from my grandmother who passed away last month), and I have a brown and blush rose checkered quilt hanging over the crib.  I also have a painting my grandmother painted of some pink flowers above the crib.  I know it sounds girly, but if a boy is placed with us, i have boy bedding and will swap out the pic for a pale blue pic of a young boy.  Just didn't know if someone had some inspiration pics of their foster nursery/bedroom for me to look at!  TIA!
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Re: Foster did you decorate the kids room?

  • Ours is done in a neutral western theme, manly, yet girly :) (more manly I would say) but we've had a majority of girls. The oldest of the children only stayed in that room 2 months before moving her out of it and into her own room.
  • we decorated by painting the room green and chocolate neutral for boy or girl and we did a few decorations mainly jungle themed just a few monkey and elephant small painting..also neutral when you go with the monkey theme:) good luck.  
  • I used to do foster homestudies and the room sounds good.  I used to advise not having a lot of knick knacks around (a. so the kid had space for their own stuff and b. so your stuff didn't get broken), letting the kid either hang stuff on the walls or putting up a bulletin board for them to use, and if they have their own bedding let them use it (after a thorough washing). 

  • You want to keep it minimal because too much "stuff" or color can be totally different from what these kids are experiencing. 


    You want the room to feel warm and welcoming but not to be overwhelming.

    We didn't paint the walls a bright color (they're just our overall house color which is a grey tinted white) and then added teal and red accents, with some bins that have lots of colors on them (pink, green, purple, navy, etc) allow for a gender neutral space. 


  • We have a Winnie the Pooh theme
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