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Question about housing

Ok so I'm looking into base housing at San Diego.  I'm looking at the Vista Ridge community.   This site says that it is $1500/month for a 3 bedroom.  But I'm confused, I thought that they would just take BAH?  Also the communities that allow dogs only have 3 bedrooms.  I assume we would only get a 2 bedroom, as it is just me, DH and DD.  But is there some place I can verify this?

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  • Try posting your questions on their Facebook page.  They seem to answer those faster than any other method I've tried - at least during the week.!/pages/Lincoln-Military-Housing/199428662434

    I'm guessing your BAH is higher than $1500.  On Camp Pendlteon, they charge less for certain communities because they are older and do not offer the same amenities as other housing areas.  Depending on what is available, they will "upgrade" some families to a larger house.  Again, it seems to be in housing areas that are not as desired.  In certain housing areas on Camp Pendleton, they offered us a 3 bedroom, which we technically rated when we just had DD.  In others, they tried to lure us in with a 4 bedroom. 

    I've found the information on their main website to be incorrect on a few things, so best to contact them directly.   

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  • Thanks!  I just asked my question.  I would have never thought about their facebook page!  Can you tell I've never had to find an apartment before?  I moved in with DH shortly after college, and then when we left the apartment he had, we rented a house from my cousin, so this is all new to me.  Guess I better get used to it!
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  • I'm not sure how each branch of the military works with housing, but when my husband and I moved into base housing in the AF we were given a 3 bedroom house for just the 2 of us.

     I think the housing people had some kind of intuition, cuz the week we moved in was the week we got pregnant! :)

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  • You are looking at the developers website. Go to the DOD website for that installation.

    Send an email to them and ask all your questions. Thats what I did when I was PCSing to Parris Island. I was able to submit all forms through email and had a house waiting for us when we got there.

    It doesn't cost you anything they take the full BAH from your paycheck before it hits your bank account.

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