If you've been on a cruise with dc

I have a couple of questions.  Being the paranoid ball of anxiety that I can be with dd, I am already worried about her going anywhere near the railings of the ship.  We have requested an inside cabin simply because the idea of a balcony scares the living crap out of me.  Is this something I even need to worry about?  i have been on cruises, and if i am not mistaken the decks are pretty much enclosed with glass panels, right?

 Also, did you use onboard kid's groups or daycare at all?  We have never left dd with anyone but family, so I am curious to see what the opinions are here.

Re: If you've been on a cruise with dc

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    We went two years ago when Ethan was only 17 months old. All the daycare/babysitting services started at 2 y.o. Kids seemed to have a lot of fun. The daycare room/playground was open to younger kids every day for 30 minutes, it was clean and lots of fun.

    Ethan is not the type to run away, so I did not worry about him being on the ship, but they did have safety railings/screens everywhere.

    We had a balcony cabin and he was just fine.

    Have fun!

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    I was just husband and I really enjoy cruises.  So, a few months ago we were browsing Carnival's website, and it appears that they charge full price for any age passenger.  Is this correct?  I can't see paying full price for a child.

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