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Do you use a housekeeper or cleaning crew?

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Can anyone recommend a cleaning/housekeeping company in the Columbus area?

If you have used a cleaning company before, how much did they charge? What is the square footage of your house and how often did you have the company clean? (I am guessing that the cost has something to do with the size of the house and frequency of cleaning, but I may be wrong.)

Re: Do you use a housekeeper or cleaning crew?

  • I have called many of the cleaning services in town, and the cheapest that I have found by far is Ecomaids.  My house is 1700 square feet and I have a dog (which I think they charge a little extra for).  I have them clean the entire downstairs (family room, living room, dining room, kitchen and a half bath) and just the master bedroom and full bathroom upstairs (have three bedrooms that they do not clean) and the cost is $116.  I have them come ever 4 weeks.  If you are on facebook, I think if you "like" them you will get a discount on your first cleaning.  I think they do a great job, though I have to leave them notes to make sure they do a few extra things (sweep off the couch, change sheets) that are not on their checklist.  I like that they are willing to clean while the dog is home even though we don't keep him in a cage.  I would highly recommend them! 
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