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Need advice (sleep related)

DD started sleeping 8 hour stretches every night at 6 weeks and continued until pretty much the week she turned 4 months. Her entire 4th month has been awful. I wasn't concerned because I figured it was a growth spurt. This week, however, has been insane. She's literally up every 30 mins or so needing to be comforted/resettled. It's almost like she's uncomfortable, but she does settle down and goes right back to sleep when I rock her.

So my question is, is this normal?

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Re: Need advice (sleep related)

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    Yes- it's normal.  They refer to it on here as "4 month wakeful". 

    Basically- she's just more awake!  You may find she is more awake during the day, as well, and more active.  

    My little guy went through it, but he would just start fussing in his crib- I would go in, put his paci in, turn on his music, and leave the room.  We did that over and over and over.  I realized he was going thru 4 month wakeful, but I also knew he wasn't hungry or he would have freaked out.  He never cried though, just let us know he was awake.  Month 4 was full of sleeplessness for mommy and daddy, but I'm happy to say, around 5 mos 1 wk- he went back to STTN.  I guess my philosophy was- since he was already STTN prior to, I didn't really want to get him out of bed and go play at 3am, because I didn't want to teach him that 3am is an acceptable playtime!  But like I said- he never cried, so not sure how I would have done that if he would have had a meltdown in the middle of the night.  

    Good luck!   

    Mommy to Briggs (8/22/10) and Helen (7/18/14)
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    Eli is 4 and a half months and he went through this a few weeks ago. He was up every hour. I think it was because he was sick with a bad cold. Maybe you should take her to the doc just in case. People do talk about the 4 month wakeful but it shouldn't be that bad.
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    Yes, it seemed a little extreme to be the 4 mo wakeful. I just am wondering if I need to hunt for another reason. 

    I forgot to mention that she acts like she's starving every two hours or so (night and day). I was nursing every 3-4 hrs before. We started her on solids 2 wks ago but it hasn't seemed to make a difference. 

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