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Progesterone question

I am taking Endometrin, progesterone suppositories, 3 times a day.  I am now in my sixth week-when will I be done with these darn things?  I feel like it is all I do every day!  Is there an end in sight?
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Re: Progesterone question

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    I didn't stop suppositories until 10 weeks. 
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    Depends on your OB/RE.  I think most women stop around week 10, but my OB made me take them until the end of 1st tri.
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    I did mine until 12 weeks.
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    I stopped PIO and supps at 9 weeks on the dot.
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    I did the PIO injections until 15 weeks. 
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    I will continue through 12 weeks.  But then, I have a diagnosed luteal phase deficiency.

    I was doing the shots but just recently switched to Crinone.  Since it is a gel (but still ... um, inserted....ugh) i do it 1x/ day, in the morning.  Maybe try that?  I'm not sure I could keep up with 3 a day!

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    I'm still on 'em :/
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    12 weeks for me

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    • 6/10 -IUI#2.4: gonalf, ganirelix, estrace, ovidrel, endometrium- early M/C
    • 8/10- IUI #3: gonalf, ganirelix, ovidrel, estrace, endometrium, lovenox, hcg boosters= BFP;  Beta#1=179, Beta#2= 360, Beta#3=1775; 1 perfect little HB!

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