Should I send DD to school?

DD has a mild cold but and she's acting fine.  Occasionally, her nose will run (clear) and I need to wipe it.  The policy at her MDO program is that if there is a "thick discharge" from her nose that she should stay home.  She actually got the cold at school (her second time in 3 weeks) and this is not unexpected but I'm not sure when I should keep her home.   

Re: Should I send DD to school?

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    I guess no one here has ever had a sick kid.  Hmm
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    i would send her.  If there is no fever and her nose is clear and runny, then she is fine.  DS is in the same boat right now, with a nice cough, and we're still sending him.
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    I'd send DS... a clear runny nose isn't much to worry about. Could be allergies, teething...
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