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moms..gassy over night?

it seems like every night ALL night, little joey wakes up almost every hour screaming with gas..all i have to do is turn him on his side, pat his butt and give him his paci..he falls right back to sleep...

but seriously, it is all night long, and i am trying to transition to the crib..but instead he has moved from the pnp to the bed with me, so i can get to him easier.?

gas is something we have to deal with, because the miralax they are on causes gas, and the formula they are on (neocate) causes they need the miralax.

gas drops do NOTHING for joey..they help ronnie, so when he wakes up through the night gassy..i give him drops and 10 minutes later hes smiling and going back to sleep..

Any advice? please? they would be sttn some nights if it weren't for this...?

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Re: moms..gassy over night?

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    how about gripe water? A pedi who is a friend of the family suggested it and then I asked my pedi, since E is on prevacid and he was all for it. It really seems to help. Ethan's stomach gets really hard when he has gas, and I could feel the difference...  GL, I bet you are beyond exhausted....

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