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S/O battery powered toys

Yes, this one IS a vibrator liven up the board.

I've never had one. Am I missing out? Should I get one? Which one? Where should I order it from online, because I'd be too embarrassed to buy one in a store. How do I get DH on board with the idea? 

Re: S/O battery powered toys

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    I'll bite...bored and sick.

    Try (sorry google chrome won't link).  Discreet, you can research them all if you want, and have DH check out the site.  Bought one from there and enjoyed it.  I'd start out w something simple so you don't scare DH off at first. :)

    I also got one at a Slumber Party demonstration...was my best friend during 2nd and 3rd tri when DH was afraid to do anything to me, lol.  HTH

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    Meh. I can't do it for myself, and neither can one of those things. I am a fortunate "sleepgasmer," though. Be jealz.

    Me too! ;)

    I don't want to risk Googling at work, OP, but I think I'd recommend the Super Bunny, or something. I can't remember the exact name of it, but it's something like that. 

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    Yes, you should get one. I can't tell you where to order it because I bought mine at a store here in my area. I didn't have to worry about getting DH on board-it was his idea!

    Sookie-I'm jealous of your sleepgasm skillz!

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    I am a firm believer in every woman should have one.  I love mine; it never talks back and it's not selfish, how could you not love it?
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    I, um heard from, a friend...yes a friend, that this one is awesome!

    Bullet Persuasion

    The bullet part can be bought separately in a variety of sizes, which is good because the wire is the most likely part to give out. Also, you can hook two up at once, for extra fun.

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