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oh and tag reading system (last post, promise!)

I also unearthed a Tag reading system in a previously unpacked box from our move last summer.

Jack wasn't interested (he could already read independently). Had he gotten it a year earlier I think he would have loved it!  Henry is too far off to warrant keeping it.

It's all essentially unused.  The pen (it's green - with fresh batteries), a hard carrying case (holds books and pen) and 3 books: Up (the movie), The Cat in the Hat and some Diego book.

I couldn't remember how much it cost so I looked it up... looks like the Tag pen runs $30-40, the case $15ish and the books between $10-$20.


I'll take $25 for all of it if anyone is interested.

Ok, I'm done cleaning out the closet so I promise I won't post about any more of our junk :)



Re: oh and tag reading system (last post, promise!)

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