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Weight Gain Slowed

 This is such a 0-3 post, I know, but I'm a bit concerned. LO is EBF and had been gaining weight like a champ. (Birth = 8 lbs. 8 oz. / 5 weeks = 10 lbs. 9 oz. / 10 weeks = 12 lbs. 13 oz.)

 Today (@ 16 weeks), I took him by a resale/lactation shop with a baby scale. He only weighed 13 lbs. 11 oz.

 Our 4 month appointment is 3 weeks away. I'm wondering if I should call the pedi. DH doesn't think I need to, but it can't hurt. LO seems fine. He is definitely very responsive (smiles, plays well, cooing, etc.). He has started drooling a lot more - pre-teething. He is sleeping more at night, so he maybe only nurses 6-7 times a day now instead of 8.

 I've read a few different places about ranges for weight gain, and when weight gain will slow, but they seem to vary. Has anyone else's LO slowed down this much?
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Re: Weight Gain Slowed

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    Evan will probably be around 13 lbs at his 4 month appt.  He was born 7.10.  I expect his length to have changed a lot though. 

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    I EBF. My son was born at 8lbs 15oz. At his 12 week appt he was 17lbs. He is now 4 months and only weighs 18lbs. Obvy, he is huge. My point is, he's slowed down dramatically.
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    Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it for a few reasons:

    1.  Scales have a natural variation.  Only rely on 1 scale.  Use others for curiosity only.  I'd only be concerned if it appeared he lost weight.

    2. Weight gain naturally slows after the first couple months.  If you look at the growth charts, you'll see that there swift growth in the first few weeks and it just really starts tapering off.   I personally wouldn't want DS gaining almost a pound a week for the entire first year (as he did in his first few weeks).  That would make him 50 lbs at a year old!!

    3.  Just like every other development in children, they grow at different rates, and some in major spurts.   It's been documented that babies can literally grow 1/2" overnight!  He could be in a lull this month, then gain like crazy next month.

    4. As they get more mobile and active, weight gain slows, stops, and sometimes babies even lose a little.

    5.   He is happy and healthy in every other way. If something was wrong and he wasn't getting the nutrition he needed, you'd notice other warning signs before you noticed lack of weight gain.

    DS definitely slowed down around the 3 month mark.  He's now only gaining about a pound a month, but is staying right on his growth  curve and is perfectly healthy.

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     Phew. I did just measure LO, too. He's grown about 2 more inches length-wise and his head circumference is increasing as well.
     I had been looking at the Kellymom chart which lists 5.5 - 8.5 oz. per week through four months. And, LO had been gaining about an ounce a day.

     Then, I found on Baby Center where it lists only 5-8 oz. per week for month 2 & 3, and then only 2.5 (!!!) - 4.5 oz. per week for months 3-6.

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    Are you sure the shop's scale is accurate? If you've used different scales, that might be where the discrepancy is coming from. Our doctor's office has some seriously wacky scales, the last time DS2was weighed, it said he had gained 6 oz in 2 weeks, which is a major slowdown for him.I've since weighed him with my sister's baby scale, and it seems like the dr's scale was just wrong...

    Can you do a weight check at the doctor's? And also, if he's happy and pooping and peeing a lot, I wouldn't get too worried. hth

    DS1 - Feb 2008

    DS2 - Oct 2010 (my VBAC baby!)

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