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Birthday Party at JumpZone?

It's hard to believe, but I'm starting to think for birthday plans of my soon to be FIVE year old. Lily has been asking for a party a JumpZone ever since she went to a friend's party there over the summer. So, have any of you had a party there? Were they easy to work with? Did it end up being crazy-expensive? It just seems like there are a lot of extras that will add up quickly. Thanks for any experiences you can share!
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Re: Birthday Party at JumpZone?

  • I haven't had a party there, but I know people who have and Ava has been to one.  The only thing I have heard about working with them is that they are strict on their time limit, and once your time is up in the inflatables area they are strict that you are not allowed back in (the person who said this seemed a little irritated about it, but I wouldn't consider this a problem as long as you know what you're getting up front).  Also, we go there all the time (we were actually there today) and the same lady is always running the place and seems very nice.  

    As far as price, I've looked at their packages and they have much better deals on parties during the week rather than on the weekend.  The party that Ava went to was actually a weekday party, and the turnout was great (and actually more convenient for us personally).  Another friend of mine is a planning a weekday party for her son's upcoming b-day and I'm actually excited about that since it's in the Spring when weekends get to be so busy. 

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  • We have been to a few jump zone parties and the kids love them. His last party they scheduled it at 3pm and didn't serve pizza or other food-only cake and ice cream. She said the kids get 30 more min of play time if she didn't do the pizza thing and it saves money.  Kids didn't care, so maybe you can consider this. The parties can get pricey if you include everything, You can keep it simple and kids have just as much fun.  Call around, another friend saved money by using a jump zone in nky.  If you watch the extras you can keep the party at about the same price a a party at home-without the mess.  You can also try a place called recreations outlet in Milford, they include the bounce area with parties and are a little cheaper (at least the were last time I checked)  Good luck

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