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IVF- 50 follicles

Coming over from IF.  I went in for my fourth ultrasound today and they had 50 follicles (up from 33 measurable yesterday)  20 are 13-15 and only 3 are above the trigger threshold, the rest are 10-12 and probably won't be mature in time. (I clearly have pco)  So they are going to stim me for 1 more day and then trigger.  My e2 yesterday was 1400.  I don't have my result back from today.  So I I have been on here for awhile (can't post a lot, due to mostly being on iphone) and i haven't seen anyone have that many follicles on u/s.  Anyone be anywhere close.  I don't feel uncomfortable yet.  I am so scared that I am not going to be able to transfer and/or get OHSS.  The nurse today said I will be on the border but since so many of them won't be mature, and that at this point she thinks there is still a good probability of transfer.  I hate waiting and not knowing if we are even going to be able to try this month.  Anybody having gone through this would be helpful.

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  • Wow.  That is a crazy amount.  I was borderline OHSS too.  I had 28 eggs and 22 mature.  I had a lot of pain after the ER but they let me make the choice to do the transfer.  It was a successful transfer of two embryos and one stuck.  The mild OHSS didn't go away until about week 6 of pregnancy.  I would highly recommend just taking it extremely easy the days between retrieval and transfer.  I was pretty much couch bound since I was very crampy.  

    Even if you don't get to a fresh transfer, I know a bunch of ladies that have had successes with frozen transfers.   Also hopefully you will have a large number of frosties.  GL. 

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  • I also had a lot of follies at 60-65.  I wound up with 25 mature.  I wanted to add that more wound up mature than they had thought, which was great! 

    I was in a lot of pain at the ER (more so than the IVF ER for DD, 3ish years ago).  Don't be afraid to ask for meds if you need them.  I'm usually a grin and bear it kinda gal, but I really need the Rx strength pain meds after the ER.  Be sure to take it easy (had OHSS for about 6 weeks).  

    They did send me home with a Rx for OHSS that we had a hard time finding under the brand name and was easily found under the generic.  It made me vomit, so I only had one dose, but there are meds that can help.


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  • I've had 4 IVFs - always had more than 20 follies on each side.

    I never had OHSS (although came close once) and my egg production have varied.  We've gotten, 4,7,23,and 4 mature eggs. 

    Hang in there - you are so close!

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