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I know a few of you have been recently and I was just wondering if you purchased your tickets ahead of time and what options you added. I looked at their website and saw the "Magic Your Way" tickets and then additional options.

If you added options, what did you add and was it worth it.


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  • We only added park hopper. We are staying right next to Epcot so we want to be able to go there for dinner etc in the evenings.
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  • 5 days 4 nights. We didn't do the waterparks as the kids are too little. Plus our resort has a great pool. We figure we will focus on magic kingdom, epcot, and Hollywood studios this trip as I think the kids will like it best. What are you thinking about adding on?
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  • We are thinking about adding on the park hopper but I'm not really sure it's worth it. We would be going with another couple, one of whom has never been to Disney. I'm figuring at least a day for each park. I'm just not sure we'd need to go from park to park at any point. My thought is that the person who's never been would want to go to each park and explore for the entire day but I could be wrong on this.


  • How much is it to add on the hopper?  I say do it if it isn't too much more.  Epcot has some great places to eat and you may decide to play all day in the Magic Kingdom and then have the flexibility to eat elsewhere.  Or hop to another park to see a show or parade or fireworks etc.  It gives you a lot of flexibility.  When we would go down for the cheer and dance nationals, we always had the hopper pass and it was so nice to not be stuck in 1 park all day. 
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  • We bought them ahead of time.. My Dad purchased them at a military discount (if any of your friends are retired/active military you can get a pretty sweet discount on tickets.
    I definitely think the hopper is worth it. We did Animal Kingdom on the 3rd day.. It's only open til 5 though.. So we went to Epcot that night (there's not a whole lot for kids there so the little time we went was perfect)
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  • I am a former Disney cast member and my husband and I own DVC so we are there several times a year.  If you have not yet purchased your tickets and have school aged children over the age of 6 let me know because there is a fantastic program that disney offers several times a year where you can get tickets at almost half off.  We have done it several times and it's truly a wonderful program.  Please PM me if you want to learn more about it
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