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3rd Trimester

Vibrating feeling in vagina?

Since yesterday night I've been feeling this intermittant strange vibrating feeling up there that lasts for a few seconds and goes away.  It's like I'm sitting on a massage chair on low!

Am I going crazy?  Anyone else?  What is it and why?

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Re: Vibrating feeling in vagina?

  • I have been getting it all the time. I take it the baby is either kicking my cervix or doing something to it. Especially since I know her head is not down there. Totally normal.
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  • Could be hiccups. I found they felt a lot different by my cervix than from anywhere else. 

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  • I bet you're's really rhythmic feeling like hiccups are.
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  • I have had this as well.  Usually associated with baby's hiccups and while I am sitting up. 
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  • Its called Moth Crotch. Welcome to the club! I haven't found a way to make it go away, so i just enjoy the ride, ahahaha

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  • I felt the baby's hiccups, but what you are describing sounds like what happened to me yesterday. This maybe tmi, but it happened to me for the first time yesterday morning and when I went to the bathroom shortly after that, I found that I lost my MP. I am also at 37 weeks, so perhaps it is your MP dislodging.

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