I suck at this

I have no patience with my toddler!! How can I have another one?  I'm not a good mom to the one I have.  I only get to see him for 2 hours a day...I can't handle a two year old without throwing a temper tantrum myself??

I seriously suck at this.

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Re: I suck at this

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    you dont suck at it....seriously I dont think there is a parent on God's Green Earth that can handle a 2 yr old or any toddler without throwing a tantrum themselves.

    Hell I'm on my 4th and I still cant handle it.


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    You are not alone!  I have so many days where DS drives me crazy and I am so short tempered with him. 

    This is a hard stage and no one gets through it without a few fits of their own.  But, dont beat yourself up about it.  you are a great mom!

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    I totally understand! I feel the same way sometimes and my toddler isn't even fifteen months old yet!
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    My sentiments EXACTLY!  I've been feeling like a crap mom lately because I cannot take the temper tantrums when they arise.  My patience has diminished since I got pregnant.  I sure hope this gets better!!! 
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    I find myself saying that ALL.THE.TIME.
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