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If your baby is still cranky after 3 months...

I haven't posted much over here, but I need some advice.  DH, LO, and I are flying to Houston in a little over a week to visit DH's family.  This will be the first time they've met LO.

Happily the all-day screaming is over, but LO is not what one would consider an easy baby. He cries before every nap, which either has to be in a swing or on me, and is still pretty fussy in the evening before bed (I realize this is normal and it doesn't bother me).  He's extremely sensitive to the amount of daytime sleep he needs and will freak out if he's awake for more than about 1.5-2 hours.  My family has experienced it enough to know there's nothing wrong with him, but I'm so stressed about how DH's family will react.

My BIL is super opinionated and a know-it-all because he has 3 children.  Each of them would just drift off to sleep wherever they were playing for naps.  They hardly ever cry.  I already know there's going to be a lot of "What's wrong with him?" and "Is he sick?  Give him Tylenol!" and "Are you sure he's not hungry?".  BIL has already told me to drug LO on the flight, but I'm not comfortable giving Tylenol to a baby who isn't sick or in pain (if I think his ears hurt on the flight then I will give it to him, but if I drugged LO every time he was cranky he'd be drugged every day).

If your baby is cranky and you get comments about it, how do you respond?  I can only imagine the comments I'm going to get about holding him for naps.....



Re: If your baby is still cranky after 3 months...

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    I almost always have to say, "He's not hungry. I just fed him." Then, if they keep badgering me, I ask them if they'd like to burp him, because it might be gas. Then they usually decline and leave me alone.
    "To me, you are perfect."

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    J has the same temperment as your son from what you're describing.  He's getting better and better each day but he still has his moments.

    My mother was also blessed with 4 children who never made a peep except to laugh like a little cherub Confused so I know what you mean by people (your BIL) not getting it.

    No one really bugs me about it though luckily.  Just stick to your schedule and nod and smile if people start making comments.  Hopefully he'll surprise you and be good the whole time!

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    I get "advice" all the time.  I dont listen to it.  I know my son better than ANYONE.  I really dont need someone who rarely sees him to tell me what is better and offer their suggestions.  I suggest that you do what you know if right for your baby and just ignore everyone else
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    I also have a cranky baby.  He's getting better, but he is pretty high needs.  DS also still cries before every nap and cannot function if he's awake more than 1.5 hours at a time.  Today it's been even worse as it's 3:30 and he's taken 4 naps because he is just a fuss bucket.

    While my family and DH's family are understanding, there have definitely been comments about his grumpiness.  It also stresses me out because I like to take him places during the day to get out, but it gives me anxiety because I'll never know what mood he is going to be in.

    All I can tell you is just stay strong and realize that you know what's best for him and what he needs, even if you're away from home.

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    Like you, being around my Mr Crankypants doesnt bother me....only in the past few weeks is he starting to be more "pleasant" ,if you will, to be around. But he still has his days sometimes.

    I get the " Are  you sure hes not hungry" alot from my Mother and Grandmother. I have to get a little firm with both them sometimes and tell them that just because his mouth is open and he is fussing, that doesnt mean he is always hungry, especially after I just got done feeding him 30 minutes ago.

    And about you holding LO for naps.....who cares what they will say....if it works for you ~ roll with it.


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    I had cranky 'baby' until she was almost 3.  She seriously wouldn't talk to anyone she didn't know well, and that included family we didn't see very often.  You will be pleased to know that she is the friendliest little soul around now- she's actually very engaging with others, moreso  than I would like sometimes (i.e. with strangers when we're out & about).  Anyway, I think all you can do is just say "You know, he's just a really touchy little guy.  He needs his sleep & he's easily overstimulated.  The pediatrician assures us this won't last forever."  Don't apologize for him, just state a fact when he's acting fussy & people are trying to give you their 'advice' "He's actually tired, I know that cry- I'm going to put him down for a nap now."  Reinforce that you & DH know your baby best and just disappear for a nap with him if need be. 

    Oh, and re: "drugging" him for travel- I did give my oldest DD benadryl on her first flight around 18mos old.  She was still very difficult, we were flying at naptime & we had to go straight to a rehearsal dinner with her upon landing.  It worked great for us.  I have a pedi who is a mom of 4 & who doesn't get all worked up about little stuff like that.  It is, however, a nest no-no :)  Oh well.  If you don't feel comfortable, that's fine- but it's also not like you're giving them a shot of whiskey!

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