Last political post...VP debate

I decided that I should have taped the VP debate and made it into a drinking game.

Every time Palin said "Alaska," "maverick," "energy producing state" or "gosh darn" I could take a shot.

I predict in 90 minutes I would be blind drunk.

Re: Last political post...VP debate

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    Did you see the SNL skit on the VP debate? They addressed this. It was soo funny. Google it if you haven't seen it yet.
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    SNL? Who can stay up that late?!

    I did hear some of it. Cracked me up! It is uncanny how much Tina Fey and Queen Latifah fit the roles.

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    I think Tina Fey wins for best impersonation on SNL EVER. She is sooo good (and funny).

     Oh, I didn't watch it on live tv, I watched it on the internet....duh! Wink

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    I watched it on you tube the next day.  it was hilarious!!  at the end, she said, for those of you who are doing a drinking game, maverick.  winked and pretended to open a beer and drink it.  HILARIOUS@!!!
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    There is a flow chart circulating on email that is too funny abt. these same statements and Palin's debate strategies (or none there of).
    Patty Matt 4/7/05 and Sean 12/14/06 image
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    I have it on DVR.  You can come over and watch it with me sometime.
    Annalise Marie 05.29.06
    Charlotte Ella 07.16.10
    Emmeline Grace 03.27.13
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