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3 month old napping habits

I am curious to hear about other 3 month olds napping schedules.  My LO used to have great naps until the last week or so.  Now I am lucky to get an hour straight.  This is making him super tired at the end of the day. Thankfully we are getting 10 hours or so overnight. 

I would love any advice!  I have him sleeping in his crib and put him down to nap every 90 minutes of awake time.

Re: 3 month old napping habits

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    DS has always taken short naps (since he was maybe 5-6 weeks old). He sleeps for 45 min on the dot usually. The amount of time between naps has been getting longer and longer.

    Now he is awake between 1.5-2 hours between naps and his last nap starts sometime between 4-5pm. For some reason in the last few days he has only been sleeping for 25-35 min sometimes.


    I'm guessing it is an early 4 month wakeful period??

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