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gift ideas for friend in labor?

One of my good friends is currently in labor, and I'm planning to go see her and her new baby tomorrow.  It should be a vaginal delivery (if it matters in the gift ideas).  She's pretty much all set as far as baby stuff goes, and I'm a terrible gift giver (I never can think of anything good/useful). 

So ladies, do any of you have any ideas of what you would have liked for a friend to bring you?  I was thinking adiapers, size 1 or 2, but other than that, I'm at a loss.  I don't want to bring just diapers, but the rest of it doesn't necessarily need to be for the baby, it could be for my friend. 

Thanks in advance!   

Re: gift ideas for friend in labor?

  • You could put together a little care package for her: soft robe and slippers for in the hospital, bubble bath or nice lotion, restaurant gift card so they can order take ou and she doesn't have to cook, and then the diapers and a little baby blanket or onesie.
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  • if she's planning on nursing, bring nipple cream, or a nursing shirt or pads for that. I forgot to pack nursing shirts. also some more comfortable pads with wings the hospital ones suck. of course this is more if you really know her really well. also she might enjoy an ice cream trt from dq if u can make a stop on your way up. i got flowers and they were very nice, but were a bit of a challange to bring home. if bringing diapers get size 1. hope this helps.
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  • My brother brought me a pizza to the hospital the night after I delivered.  Best gift ever!  I wouldn't get her anything big, it is a pain to pack up and leave the hospital.  A couple of childrens books with a gift card to Target for diapers would be nice.  If you want to get her a gift, cozy chenille socks!  I wear them almost everyday around the house.

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  • I agree on food or ice cream...and maybe a gift card for a pizza place or something for when they get home

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  • Bring her food. Offer to help her out at home (cleaning, chores). Maybe a pampering package with lotions etc.

    I was in the hospital for five days and my favourite gifts were one friend bringing me Swiss Chalet for dinner when I could finally eat real food, and another did my laundry.

  • Great ideas ladies - I'm going to do a combo of them.  :)  Thanks so much!
  • I am probably late for this one, but my sister had one of the Edible arrangements sent to us, and I loved it.  The hospital food isn't the greatest and you don't always get enough to fill you up after giving birth so the extra fruit was nice.  I couldn't always eat my food when it came if I was nursing so I could just grab a piece or 2 of the fruit to hold off my hunger!!  The box of chocolate covered fruit was the BEST!!
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