Babies: 3 - 6 Months

What are you looking forward to?

I know its a long way off but I know I will love crazy kid dancing time... crankin the tunes and wiggling around.  What about you?
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Re: What are you looking forward to?

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    Walking and hearing her first words mostly because my Grandfather is still alive and those are the one he wants to see/hear so Im hoping that he gets to :D
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    I'm looking forward to:

    Double hugs

    Seeing their reactions to new things like farm animals and fair scones and corndogs

    The 1st grade picture where their front teeth have fallen out and they have these big cheesy gap-toothed grins.

    their hair being long enough to braid or put in pigtails

    Introducing them to ethnic foods like Thai, Korean, Vietnamese and Szechuanese



    Unable to even.  


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    I can't wait until big laughs, I know that's not far away. Also hugs and running around in the yard.
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    I am looking forward to DD2 getting rid of this cold and cough she has had for the longest.  I also love to see the new walkers getting around with their little legs :o)

    My kids and I dance all the time.  I love when they ask to put on the music and move the coffee table and we get down!

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    I can't wait until he is big enough to bring me a big stack of books from his room and cuddle and read together on the couch and he is fascinated by the pictures and not trying to eat the corners. I also can't wait to take him to the park coem spring and nice weather :)
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    When she is old enough to talk and in that phase where the things she says are absolutely hilarious.

    Like my husband's three-year-old nephew who was asked at Christmas if his 10-year-old cousin was funny (the 10-year-old had been in the midst of a slapstick routine).

    He thoughtfully replies, "Yes, he usually is, but not really today."

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