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Im not sure if this is the right board to post this on , but im looking to hear some clomid success stories. I have pcos and im going to be starting clomid!!

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  • I know starting clomid is a tough thing.  I couldn't believe getting pregnant didn't happen instantly.  You try for so long not to get pregnant then you when you finally want to...nothing.  Anyway, my husband and I tried for the better part of a year but I wasn't getting regular periods after coming off bc.  I had 3 only last year.  I had all kinds of tests but nothing was wrong.   So my doc suggested I try clomid to regulate my ovulation.  In the first month I did 50 mg and got my period on Christmas, it was a bummer.  But on my second month at 100 mg I got my BFP!  We couldnt believe it we were so happy!  I'm 7 weeks now and due October 2nd!

  • thats so awesome ! im hoping it works for us im scared im not going to time it right and then its going to take for ever. 
  • You might get a better (more) response on another board, but I'll give you my little glimmer of hope....

    DH & I started ttc in January 2009.  Over a year went by with no success and no 'smoking gun' pointing to the reason for our infertility. I had been charting the entire time, and had a clear, defined temperature shift each month (sans maybe 1-2 months of oddities).  My doctor started me on 50mg Clomid, and I got pregnant in the first month.  Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in a blighted ovum, found at our first prenatal visit at ~8-9 weeks (I changed to a new OB/Gyn in the middle there, because my first round of Clomid was unmonitored, which is highly unadvised -- among many other questionable things that were not helping my relationship with my former doc). 

    We then went to a RE, who also prescribed 50mg of Clomid, but provided me with good monitoring and direction.  Several days after I was done with the 5-days of Clomid, I went in for a three ultrasounds to check egg quality, uterine lining, etc...  The nurses had kind of 'washed their hands' with the cycle, because I only had one egg, of mediocre size.  The doc had already written me an Rx for 100 mg of Clomid for the next cycle.  They offered to let me come back in one more time for monitoring, which I accepted mostly to just learn what my body DID with the crappy egg.  On ultrasound #4, my little egg was nice and fat, appearing to be prime for fertilization.  I also used an Ovidrel injection on that day.  2 weeks later = 2 pink lines!  I'm now almost 28 weeks pregnant :-) 

    So for me, our infertility appears to be more of a problem with my egg quality, which Clomid can help with.  I was having most of the signs/symptoms of monthly ovulation, timing was always good, and DH's sperm were reportedly in good shape. Clomid helped me get pregnant twice, and likely we will use it again when we are ready for our next baby.

    Good luck to you!! 

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  • awww congrats!! i was never told to go in 3 days after i take clomid does that means shes not monitoring me?
  • image M&M22210:
    awww congrats!! i was never told to go in 3 days after i take clomid does that means shes not monitoring me?

    Clomid use should be monitored after it is used to make sure that you do not get hyper-stimulated (too many eggs could result in a multiple/high risk pregnancy).  Also, Clomid can have a negative effect on your uterine lining, which needs to grow nice and layered, so that a fertilized egg can embed well.  There are some docs who don't require monitoring for Clomid use, but I would not trust one who doesn't advise monitoring.  Especially given the fact that you've never taken it before and nobody can presume how your body will respond.  What are you going to do if your body gets hyper-stimulated, you have intercourse and multiple eggs are fertilized? (and I'm not just talking about twins or trips). 

    Do a little research and definitely talk to your doctor.  There are some great boards here on the Bump for women who are dealing with infertility and can give you recent education/research on safe Clomid use.  It's not baby-making candy.  

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  • We did 4 cycles of clomid (50mg) and IUI with no sucess. We stopped for one month for a break and got pregnant that month. I am sure it had something to do with the clomid, but I can't be sure.
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  • Check out the "Infertility" board, and "Trouble TTC" board. All of the women on there are very helpful and knowlegeable. As for some hope, I am a clomid girl myself. My siggy has some of my story, but here are just some things I learned along the way...

     -Get monitored by a Reproductive Endochronologist (RE). I would not suggesting letting your OB start you on Clomid. The monitoring they do through a RE is so much more intensive, so you know if the drug is actually working. They typically do a baseline ultrasound between days 3-5 of your cycle. Then, you take the clomid days 5-9. Then, they do a mid-cycle ultrasound to see how many follicles/eggs you're making on that dose (this is done between days 12-16, depending on when you ovulate). *Lots of women ovulate around day 14. I didn't ovulate until day 18-20. Without the monitoring, I would have never known this and been timing intercourse all wrong. They also can give you a medication (Ovidrel) to actually "force" the egg(s) to ovulate, or you can do home ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) to test when you're going to ovulate. Some women don't actually ovulate on their own, and need the medication to induce the ovulation, once the follicles are considered mature.

     -Clomid can be one of the most evil drugs. By this I mean, you can become an evil witch, irritable, moody, etc. The cycle I actually got pregnant in (4th), I actually considered taking a few month break if I didn't get pregnant. The meds can make you feel horrible. The girls on the Infertility and Trouble TTC boards are a great support.

    -Don't feel "bad" for proceeding with an intrauterine insemination (IUI). Clomid can change your cervical mucus to thick, chuncky goo (I know, TMI), that prevents sperm from getting through. I am conviced this is why I got pregnant my 4th cycle. I had good follicle response from all my previous cycles, but I didn't do the IUI until the 4th. I think I would have gotten pregnant sooner, if I wasn't so intimidated by the IUIs.

    Any questions, dont be afraid to private message me! I am bluntly honest about all this stuff. Good luck! Clomid success thoughts are being sent your way!!!

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  • see my beautiful baby boy, success on 1st month of clomid 50 mgs for 5 days!!!  GL
    TTC#1: 14 months on our own (did HSG, b/w, SA);
    BFP on Cycle 14--TWINS! Identical twin boys stillborn at 19wks(1/9/10)
    3 break cycles; took clomid 50mg, BFP #2 Beta #1 35, Beta #2 338!!! Owen was born 2/11/11! 
    TTC#2: 4 cycles on clomid: BFNs
    BFP #3: Cycle #5 100mg clomid; beta #1 21; beta #2 6=CP 
    Cycle #6 break cycle TTC no meds=BFN
    Cycle #7: 150 clomid+ovidril+IUI=BFN (switched to RE)
    Cycle #8: follistem+ovidril+TI=BFN
    Cycle #9 Forced break due to cyst
    Cycle #10 follistem+ovidril+TI=BFN
    Cycle #11 follistem+ovidril+TI=BFN
    Cycle#12 Forced break due to cyst, went on BCP; did repeat HSG, Saline U/S
    Cycle #13 IVF: Follistim/Menapur ER 11-30 11 eggs, 5 mature, 4 fertilized and 3dt on 12-3; BFN
    Cycle #14: IVF#2 lupron/follistim/menopur ER 1-22, 19 eggs, 14 fertilized, 5dt on 1-27, BFP!! beta 1: 63, beta 2: 119; EDD 10-15-13; 1 frozen embie
    Miracle Surprise BFP, EDD 10-1-15; saw HB great Betas, 11weeks lost baby MC at home
    Moved forward with FET transfered solo frostie on 6-4-15, beta 1: 315, beta 2: 738, u/s showed one baby on track EDD 2-21-16
  • I was diagnosed with annovulation.  I had three cycles of Clomid.  50mg no O, 100mg O+BFN, followed by 100mg= BFP!  I am now almost 28 weeks pregant, and looking forward to meeting our baby.

     I will say it was not a cake walk.  That last month I was a raging hormonal B*tch! 


  • L&K508, 
    Is there anything different you did on month three?  I am on my third month using Clomid, and I am going to try Preseed this month. TIA! 
    First cycle of Clomid created one follicle=BFN Second cycle of Clomid created two follicles=BFN Break cycle= did not ovulate Third cycle of Clomid, 75mg, two follicles=BFN First IUI cycle with Clomid + Follistim=BFN First IVF Cycyle February 2012 Egg Retrieval on 2-14-2012 {13 follicles, 9 fertilized} Embryo Transfer on 2-19-2012 {Two blasts transferred} 6 snowbabies BETA #1 on 2/28 = 186 BETA #2 on 3/1=346 BETA #3 on 3/6 = 2,499 1st ultrasound on 3/13
  • Gday,

            How are you going i have pcos to, im 24 and just found out im pregnant with my second bub.

    I fell with my first caitlyn all on my own she just happened and when she was about 6 months old we decided we would try for another.

    .After about 8 months i decided to go see a doctor and found out i had pcos. I was devastated!

    Then we had a death in the family ( my husbands twin brother) so that put things on hold for a while.

    I Started on Clomid in March the first cycle i did not ovulate so obviously that cycle was a right off.

    I got my period on day 28 witch was a first for me lol so i started my second round of clomid in April .. i went for my day 10 scan and there didnt seem to be any follicles there :(  i went for my day 21 blood test and yep came back i had not ovulated so once again i thought the second month was a right off but then my period was late.

    I called the Gyno and he sent me for another blood test witch came back that i had ovulated but really late in my cycle so i was thinking ohhh *** i have missed it.

    But then my period still didnt come and my boobs were sore so i thought ok ill do a test and guess what it was possitive. 

    So im about 5 weeks and have a scan in 2 weeks for an accurate due date.

    All up it took 18 months  to fall as my first just turned 2 so i am very happy.

    Good luck and i hope clomid works for you as it did for me.

  • Hello,

     I started Clomid to initiate ovulation. I had been on "the pill" for 15 years prior. I was on Clomid for two months and got a positive test in the second month! The second month of Clomid we incorporated baby aspirin and used OPKs from day 10 through 25. I ovulated later then the doctor thought we should, so make sure you watch for that.

    Good luck to all of you TTC! Smile

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