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the pacifier game...

has begun.  She was sound asleep without it when I put her down at 7:30.  She has cried out twice already.  WTF...another long night of the pacifier game???!!!

vent over

Re: the pacifier game...

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    I feel your pain.  Last night he was down at 6:30, up at 7:30, 10:30, 1, 2:15 and 5:45 all for the stupid binky.

    He's already cried out once tonight already so we'll see what tonight has in store.

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    Ugh!  I hate that game!  The worst is when I try to put the paci back in DD's mouth and she gets mad that it's not my boob and then we're really awake!  SHe's not totally sold on the paci just yet. 
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    aww Wife! I hope the night gets better!

    Sleepy vibes for A! 

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    I feel your pain wife! I am kicked out of the bedrom and on the couch with Josie in the swing because she did not want to go down. She did this last night too and I am at my wits end. She ends up going to bed late and that throws off my sleep schedule. Where did my 2 weeks of good sleeping go?
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    I almost fell asleep standing up at 2 this morning holding the pacifier in for 15 minutes until he fell asleep.
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