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Anyone else dealt with tubes already? Is it daycare or just DS?

DD started daycare at 6 month old. Had 6 ear infection before 14 months. Then nothing. Although she's been getting monthly fevers.

DS got his 1st ear infection 10 days before starting daycare. Then another one in January. We just started a 3rd round of nasty strong antibiotics. The dr checked his ears Thursday & said they were great. That was day 7 of the strong antibiotic. Took him back yesterday & it's back nasty in both ears already.

How does this work? He picked up one strong bacteria that won't go away? Or is there something going on at daycare that is causing it to keep coming back? Or is it having 2 kids in 2 different rooms with lots of germs?

It's the same daycare DD started at. I hate to move them both if it's just going to keep happening. Especially since DD's been here for 2 years now.

We will be seeing an ENT soon & probably doing tubes when we do his eyelid surgery in a few weeks.

I'm a wreck about all this right now. Any advice or experience would be great.

Re: Anyone else dealt with tubes already? Is it daycare or just DS?

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    What did your pediatrician think? Did he/she think it was normal or a lot of infections in a short period of time? I'm almost 32 now and have had 7 myrengotomies (sp) (tubal surgeries) in my lifetime. My first one was at age 3. I have an ear infection right now. Needless to say I don't think the surgery does much! But chronic ear pain sucks and the tubes are much better crafted nowadays then they were in the 80s.

    If it makes you feel any better, the surgery is super simple and quick. They're in and out in less than 15 minutes usually. Good luck!   

    Well, DH took him Thursday & yesterday so I didn't get much information. They seem to blame everything on daycare. I'm nursing & pumping but apparently that doesn't matter!

    Everyone we talk to, that had tubes as a child or their children had them, say it's wonderful & easy. I would question it more if we weren't already doing the eyelid surgery.

    I may call & talk to the pedi today. We had daycare give DS the antibiotics around lunch a couple of times (they go part time). The pedi swears the antibiotics should have worked & that DS must not have been taking it all. But the teachers said they both gave it to  him & he took it. He got used to the taste & took it all.

    So the pedi is having us do it ourselves at home 3x/day & make sure he doesn't spit a drop out.

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