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Pregnancy Symptoms ?

How often do you get morning sickness? I had sore breasts for about 3 weeks (which I ignored because usually my nipples are sore before I get my period) my stomach was feeling funny for about 2 weeks, then finally Saturday I threw up, took 3 pregnancy tests all positive, just went to doctors today to confirm will get final results tomorrow. My breasts haven't been as sore the last couple days, and my stomach is still sore but haven't actually thrown up since Saturday. Is it normal for symptoms to come and go? Not that I want to be throwing up all the time but I miscarried last year so I guess bad symptoms would be reassuring to me. I pretty much always have that icky feeling in the back of my throat also. And increased sense of smell, frequent urination... all that fun stuff. 
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Re: Pregnancy Symptoms ?

  • I never had morning sickness with either my pregnancies. Relax and enjoy, symptoms can come and go.
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  • Yes, it's normal for symptoms to fluctuate. Every pregnancy is different they say. For me, the symptoms fluctuated more the first couple of weeks, but now at 10 1/2 weeks everything is pretty much constant (except my morning sickness decided to get worse again grrrr). I've never vomited; mainly constant nausea, excessive saliva, & a very sensitive nose and gag reflex. HTH.
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  • Thanks ladies. I just can't wait to get through my first trimester so hopefully I can stop worrying so much! 
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  • I CANNOT wait for my first trimester to be over!! I feel so exhausted all the time, and it's exhausting being so exhausted lol! Thank god I'm only part-time where I work so I get a lot of 4-5 hour shifts because even those pitiful shifts leave me absolutely dead to the world when I come home. UgghhHh! Lol.

    As for other things, I have sore boobs on and off. That or they're just more noticeably sore some days, I suppose. 


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  • I'm glad you posted this. My pregnancy was not planned and I am scared. However, I've become a little attached to the idea of being a mother and was worried that not being nauseated that often was a bad sign. I've been wanting to cry for the last hour because I'm worried.
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