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Tell me about CD

I never thought about cloth because I know NOTHING about CD. I guess I am scared to try them.

Tell me everything you know about them. What brand, size, washing them etc. Like I said I know nothing. 

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Re: Tell me about CD

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    When I was researching CDs, I found this website incredibly helpful.

    I love that they have a list of what to get depending on your budget and your lifestyle. 



    Unable to even.  


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    it really depends on what you want to put into it financially and stuff. there are so many brands i love. my stash is crazy with all different types of cds
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    Here is an email I sent to a good friend a month or so ago:

    Cloth diapering is almost as easy as disposables, just one one more laundry load. It is great, since you don't have to dump diapers until he starts solids(Breastfeeding poop is water soluble, so it washes right out). I did the prefolds and plastic covers with my cousins, when I was their nanny for four summers. If I could handle pins, then I could do it the new way;)

    My prefolds and covers(Bummies and Thirsties Duo Wraps)come from this website:

    I have used BumGenuis 3.0. I'm not a fan, yet. Michael has peed through his several times(I only bought a few). Granted, when he gets bigger, it may be different. I keep trying, though:)

    I need to work on the Fuzzibunz. He has one, and he pees through that as well. I know there are ways to mess with the leg gussets and everything, but I haven't had the time or patience to do it. (since this email, I have played with them and are loving them a lot more!)

    I love these:

    I bought the 5 pack from He has not peed or pooped through them. DH can put them on easily and take them off without an issue. They are just like sposies, but they end up getting washed. They wash up beautifully(I wash them every other day, and we've been using them for a month--not one complaint).

    The one issue with cloth diapers, his clothes don't always fit right. He has a fluffy butt, and so we have to adjust for that. That is on minor issue!

    Here are the bags I was talking about:

    It is kind of expensive, but it is great for wet diapers and dirty clothes on the go. It goes right in with my diaper wash. I also dry it in the dryer. I have a big one and a small one. I really like them, even if I wasn't cloth diapering.

    Oh, and here are the wipes I use:

    I also use just regular baby washcloths, too.

    This is my wash routine:
    I soak diapers/covers/wipes/bags overnight in warm water(well, it starts out as warm) in the washer with a quarter cup of baking soda. In the morning, I do the pre-wash cycle(takes maybe 10 minutes, so I just stay in the basement doing other things). I then do a warm/cold cycle with Charlie's Soap(I was all of Michael's laundry with this dry soap--it lasts forever and is cheap) with a double rinse cycle. I add everything to the dryer, and just dry on medium.

    So far, we've done great. I'm thankful I have a sink attached to Michael's changing table(Bonus--I am so glad we didn't pull out the vanity when we did). When he starts pooing solid poo, I can just dump it into the toilet a few feet away from the sink(all in his room-YES!). I do scrub Michael's mega poopy diapers in the sink with a brush just for this purpose. It isn't necessary, but I find the diapers come out cleaner.

    Oh, and we do use sposies, because the husband feels more comfortable right now with putting them on. We've only bought one box since Michael was born, because of gifts and how often we use them(it really takes us a few weeks to go through a box of 86).

    Every baby fits every type of diaper differently, just like with sposies. I hope you find the perfect match with the Jillian's Drawers! I am going to make a trip down there this Spring.

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    Don't be shy uluv!  Read her fluffy blog!  She is the CD guru, she helped me get started!
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    Don't be shy uluv!  Read her fluffy blog!  She is the CD guru, she helped me get started!

    nat is passed out on my shoulder, i am typing like a trex. haha

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    Thanks for all the great info ladies. I will do my research and hopefully be able to make the switch. (if I can get it passed DH)
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    We cloth diaper and love it,.  I read all about it online but I am really a visual person.  The local cloth diaper store does a free workshop once a month.  They showed you all the types, how to put them on/wash them.  It was only 30minutes but it was really helpful.  Dh went and it sold him on how easy cloth is.  I'd check your local shops and see if they have anything like this, even if they don't they'd probably be happy to give you a run down if you set up a time to go into the store.
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