Is this bad of me?

I am a sahm, which I enjoy...but it is also a challenge for me.  Jack is my challenge.  Although he is a wonderful,adorable little boy, he has been difficult since birth.  This past year has been increasingly worse.  He has recently been diagnosed with ADHD with Sensory Integration Disorder.  Getting through the day is stressful, exhausting, frustrating. 

Anyway, Jack goes to full day preschool tues/thurs.  I struggled with putting him in full day because I am home...guilt, guilt.  But for my sanity and for Jack to have more structure, we did full day.  He thrives at school because he does much better in a structured enviroment.  Now, I am considering putting him another day.  If I do this, it may not be a full day.  Only I feel so guilty.  I feel like if I were a better mom I could help him more.  But I have my good days and my bad.  What should I do?  Is it terrible that I have him in school 3 days when I am home?

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Re: Is this bad of me?

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    It's not bad at all especially if he enjoys it and he is thriving. It will also make you appreciate the time you spend with him more. Remember a happy mom equals happy kids. No guilt! :)
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    I don't think you are doing a bad thing - if he is thriving with the structure then it is a good thing.  Sure he could be at home with you, but he is getting more out of being in school. 

    My nephew is autistic, non-verbal, with a a laundry list of acronyms that go along with that.  He is so much better when he is in school.  He is calmer, more relaxed at home, thrives on the structure, loves being with friends and his aides. 

     I feel like if I were a better mom I could help him more  - you're a wonderful mom for trying to find the things that work for Jack. 

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    He's almost 4? ?I don't think 2-3 days is too much for a 4 year old at all.

    My brother has Sensory Integration Disorder. ?It is a very frustrating thing to deal with (both for the person affected and those around him.) ?If he is doing well in a structured in environment, I think it is a great thing for him to be there. ??

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    I think you're a good mother if you see that he thrives and does well in an environment and you do what you can to encourage that more.
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