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S/O Working on LO's birthday...

I just noticed in another post that Big J and SB were talking about working on their LO's birthdays.  Is anyone taking the day off to spend it with their LO?

My mom asked me if we were going to take off and do something fun that day, but it never really crossed my mind not to send him to DCP and go to work.  What's everyone else doing?  SAHMs - will your SO take off? 

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Happy Birthday, little man. We love you so much!

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Re: S/O Working on LO's birthday...

  • I'm hoping to take off and want DH to take off too.  Birthday isn't until May, so it'll be great weather to go to the zoo or something.
  • I actually would have taken the day off but one of my coworkers is having surgery that day. We don't have any special plans for his actual birthday but i still am bummed that i will be working instead of spending the day with my boys. My hubby has the day off as part of his normal schedule.
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  • I won't be taking off.  I'm a teacher and Liam's birthday is the first day back at work after Spring Break.  It's generally frowned upon to take days off right after a holiday.  We'll do our little celebration that evening after work.

  • I'm taking it off.  We share the same birthday so I have more incentive to take it off.  Who likes to work on their birthday?
  • My SO has always taken the day off on the DS #1's birthday.  We haven't really discussed it this year but he probably will.
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  • I take DS's birthday off every year except for his first birthday I had just started a new job and wasn't able to have any time off. As luck would have it, I started a new job in July and didn't have enough seniority to get DD's first birthday off, either.

    Nate's birthday fell on my day off this year so we went to the Science Center. Lily's birthday is Wednesday and I'm off Thursday and Friday so we might go to the zoo or something on one of my days off. She's not old enough to know it's her birthday so I'm not that torn up about it. But, next year I'll be sure to have it off. We always do something special like the zoo or the Children's Museum on Nate's birthday and we'll continue the tradition with Lily, too. We always invite the grand parents and the aunts and uncles but it's Dutch treat. Whoever can make it comes but if they can't it's NBD. It just makes it a fun outing for everyone.

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  • I actually bid for my first choice vacation around LO's birthday. I will have a whole 18 days off! SO has to work, but only until 3pm. We will do a little celebration at dinner time on the actual day of.
  • H was able to get leave for us to go visit home for Dylan's first birthday so 10 days with his actual birthday being in the middle. Otherwise no he probably wouldn't have been Ble to.
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  • i'm lucky that riley's bday is on a saturday this year! :)
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  • I'm a sahm, but dh is taking the day off to be with us. We want a day that is really all about us spending time with Tristan & doing stuff that he really loves. Then we're having his party 2 days later. Not sure what we'll do yet, depends on what LOs fav activities are at that time. We are going to let him open the majority of his gifts on his actual bday so other ppl can see him open their gifts to him at the party.
  • I'm taking the day off cause I'm sentimental like that.  But my DH will still go to work.

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  • This year it's on a sunday but when it falls on a weekday I am planing on taking a 3 day weekend for those. if it's on a wed, I'll take that friday off... when he is in school I may take 1/2 days to bring in cupcakes and treats like my mom used to :)

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  • His birthday is on a Sunday this year and we're not having his party until the following Saturday so I was thinking we'd take him to the Baltimore aquarium that day.  
  • Dh and I took the day off for Z's birthday. We will be spending our day at the "happiest place on earth"  - Disneyland!! Party!!!

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  • I could easily get the day off but I'm taking the entire prior week off since my sister will be in town to visit.  Since I'm also moving DD to a new daycare the week of her birthday I decide to keep her home with me for this week so that she can be with my sister and I each day.
  • I took a 1/2 day from work and we took him to get his 1-year pics taken.
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