I caved and POAS. I got a dollar store brand. Anyways, BFN. I'm bummed but ok at the same time. AF due Friday. Results would have shown now right?


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    Booo. Don't give up hope til the red-lady sings.
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    It's definitely still early and you didn't use fmu.  You are still in the running for sure.  Have you had any symptoms this time?  With N and G I had horrible acid reflux (hurt so bad my back even hurt) and I was going to pee like every 30 mins.  Those were my two main symptoms.  Good luck!!
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    Anything is possible til af shows. We were in the same boat this morning til af showed up for me ARRGHHH! GL to you and if it's not your month maybe next month for both of us! GL!
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    Think positive, it's still early. Keep us updated and GL!
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    It's still possible!  But if not have lots of fun with DH trying next month!
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    Bummer!  But I definitely don't think you are out - especially with a $ test!

    I am trying to convince myself NOT to test tomorrow -- 9DPO with a first response...

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