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Upper lip frenulum attached to gums

I just noticed this yesterday for the first time.  Something didn't look right.  DDs upper lip frenulum (the little piece in the middle that runs from the lip to your gums) attached all the way down and between her two front teeth.  I'm doing a little research and seeing that this is something that may need fixed.  Does anyone know anything about this?

Re: Upper lip frenulum attached to gums

  • I've noticed this too recently with DS. I think it'll go up once the guns aren't so swollen and teeth come in. I've never heard of clipping it as you could clip the frenulum under the tongue. It may be worth asking at your next visit!
  • Natalie (my 18 month old has this).    Her Dr. isn't concerned (she has the same thing - she also has a gap between her teeth).    She recommended I take her to a dentist, though, to give me a better opinion.

    Mopsie gave me some good info. on it!

  • DS #1 had this. After doing some research and talking to his pediatrician and an ear, nose, throat doctor, we decided to have it fixed - upper frenulectomy (sp?). It did require him being put under, but it took about 10 minutes to do. We left the hospital after about 4 hours. We decided to have it done because it could really cause issues with his permanent teeth.
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  • My sis (who is now 22) had this - it gave her a little gap between her front teeth.  When she was in middle school or late elementary, they had it clipped, and then when she got braces the gap was closed up (she had other reasons for getting braces, though, not just the frenulum issue).

    DD appears to have it, too.  We're just going to wait and see how it pans out - I'll probably talk to her pedi about it at her next appt. The idea of clipping the frenulum scares me, though!

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