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Boob not working

My right breast has always produced about twice as much as the left. It's my go to boob, but maybe I have over used it. Last week I think that LO and I passed thrush to one another. My boob was on fire and felt like razor blades were coming through my nipple. We got a Rx from the pedi and it has been better, but DS won't nurse from that side. He starts out just fine but after about a minute he gets frustrated and starts freaking out. When I pull it away I can squeeze milk out so I know it is coming out but can't figure out why he is getting so frustrated. I have to switch to the left. Anyone experience this?

Re: Boob not working

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    Do you have a fast let-down? I had some problems with that for a while. E would start to eat, then just freak out. I would have to hand express or pump until let-down, then try feeding him. It would freak him out when it came out too fast, maybe that's whats going on?
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