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Working Moms...and moms in general...

My hat goes off to you!

Being a SAHM is tough enough, but if you add that plus being away from LO Mon-Fri and in my case 7am-4pm, living is nearly impossible!!!

I never thought it would be so difficult. Maybe I have it hard because LO doesn't like to go down until late, and I've been slowly trying to transition him to an earlier bed-time, but you know, every day is different.

By the time I get home, I'm like a zombie, since I don't get nearly enough sleep, and still have laundry, cooking and cleaning waiting for me at home. And a frustrated H who doesn't get what's going on right now. 

On top of everything else right now, H decided this would be a great time for us to move up the block to a two bedroom (2nd floor walk-up that I posted about earlier), because he's getting a great price on it, fully renovated and all.

Anyway, I don't know how I'm gonna deal with the next 11 weeks until the semester is over. So...again, I really commend all of you working momma's, and now I desperately wish that I would have finished school before DS, so that I could devote every second to him when he is still so LITTLE!!!!! 

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Re: Working Moms...and moms in general...

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    I'm lucky and extremely overworked at the same time. I work 50 hours a week AND bring LO with me all day every day. I'm glad I am never away from him but then my work never ever stops. DH is so tired when he gets home from work that I usually do all the cleaning and cooking and take care of LO during the night. I wouldn't have it any other way though.

    I feel your pain, hang in there!

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    I work 5am-noon and dh drops dd off at daycare at 8:30. I don't feel so bad that she is in there for about 4 hrs a day. I'm usually fine Mon & Tuesday but by Wednesday (and for the rest of the week) my energy seems gone & I need a 1 hr nap in the afternoon just to help me stay awake to 9pm. You are so close to being done! Just do enought laundry to get you by during the week and make dh cook twice a week. On the nights dh "cooks" we are guarenteed to have either mac n cheese or spagetti but you know what? I don't care because it was a night off of cooking for me!
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