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IL advice?

My IL's live out of state and only my MIL has met DD (once when she was 3 weeks old and she held her for 5 mins then couldn't care less bc she was too concerned about getting her drink on).

Well we will be visiting them in the next few months and she is already telling us that we should go out for a date and she can watch D with DH's step dad. I would never think that they would hurt her on purpose or anything, but I know how they love to drink. Not that there is anything wrong with drinking, but I have seen this woman make multiple scenes from her drinking. I can just see us leaving and them hammering a bottle of wine.

I of course will tell them that they can not drink when we are gone and they are watching DD but I'm not sure I totally trust them. But what more can I do? DH is already trying to make plans for our night out, should I just tell him not even to bother because I don't trust her?

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Re: IL advice?

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    If you don't feel comfortable don't do it. Just because you ask them to not drink while watching your LO doesn't mean they're going to listen. I won't leave Mark with my parents; for other reasons, but similar concept.
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    Follow your instincts!

    Personally, I would tell them flat-out what my concerns are, and take it from there.

    That being said, you could try a more tactful approach and tell them that because you haven't seen them in such a long time, you would rather spend time together, so you can all have time together and, instead of just you and your husband going out, why not all of you go out for a nice dinner?!

    Hopefully that will work a little better and they can still spend quality time with your daughter, but enjoy your company too!

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    If it was me, I wouldn't go.  It sounds like your hesitations have merit.

    Why even take a chance?  Good luck!

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    Honestly, if you cannot trust them to not get smashed while watching your child, I wouldn't leave them alone with her.  Just my two cents.
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    Do you ever get nights out alone now?  If so you can just say hello you're already on vacation visiting them, you don't need a night out.  Especially leaving LO with someone they don't know at all yet and throwing off LO's routine.  Different routine = fussy baby = needing mommy.

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    Eh, if it were me, I wouldn't let her. Trust is trust, I don't think you should regain it only to put your child's wellbeing at risk.

    That being said, I obviously don't know the woman, but do you think she would put her... Um, sounds like avid hobby before watching your daughter? Like she would get her drink on, get tanked?

    If so, then no, I wouldn't leave my kid anywhere near her. Especially not a volatile drunk.
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