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DH and LO...help!!

DD is going through some sort of seperation anxiety (or something). Anytime I leave the room when we're home alone, she'll fuss for a few but be ok...but if DH is in the room with her, she cries! She cries as I'm getting ready for work, and apparently whilte I'm at work. DH sends me texts about how he hates being a parent because he doesn't know what to do! His mom helps out when she's home so that's a life-saver for him but there's going to come a point where his mom won't be able/around to help out. Any advice?!

Re: DH and LO...help!!

  • Im sure it is separation anxiety and she will eventually get over it. DD did the same thing when I went back to work a few nights a week and I think it was the best thing for both of them! Lilly got used to someone else caring for her and DH became more comfortable with taking care of her. You need to tell him that getting messages like that doesnt help the situation and it just makes you feel badly. I would seriously consider leaving your phone off (if there is another number to reach you at in case of emergency of course) and I assure you he WILL get over it and step up b/c he has no other choice!
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