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New Mom Ideas

My BFF had her little boy today and I'm wanting to get her a new mommy gift basket with a bunch of stuff for her(we've already gotten enough stuff for the baby). I must have blacked out the weeks following DS's birth because the only thing I can think of is a bottle of wine. Suggestions please? Thanks! 
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Re: New Mom Ideas

  • I did something like this for MYSELF.  I had my "mommy stash" and it was a bunch of fun things as a present to me to get out after the baby was born to help me feel good :-)

    New perfume

    New make-up (although that is a bit personal, maybe a good friend knows some of this stuff though!)

    New purse

    New earrings

    New cute shirt in a size that fit comfortably during my transition period.  

    Gift card to get my hair done

    New awesome shampoo

    I want to say that was about it.   Just pampering type stuff. 

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  • The main thing I remember thinking about was chocolate for some reason. Lol.

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  • A little pricey, but the best "mommy" gift someone gave me was a massage gc for when I was feeling up to it :-)
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  • Things I enjoyed having around after delivery:

    Trail Mix

    Granola Bars

    Casserols and GCs to delivery restrauants

    Fruit Basket

    Bottled Water (omg I was so incredibly thirsty I needed water in every room of the house)


    New Bathrobe



    Those pads that they line the beds in the hospital 

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