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Clogged ears, tubes for adults

I have had it with my ears constantly feeling clogged. A few years ago I had a sinus surgery (nose) as well as a tube put in one ear. It totally worked for a bit. Now, my ears are always clogged again. I just wish I could poke a hole in each ear and drain them....

Anyone else have these issues? I hear about it with kids all the time. However, I never had issues as a kid/child. This is all new as an adult.

Re: Clogged ears, tubes for adults

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    I had these problems when I was younger.  And I still have them.  My left ear is constantly plugged.  It pops, crackles, and drives me batty.  I have no idea what to do about it.  I try to pop it all the time and it only helps for a little bit and it goes back to being plugged again.  I'm no help.

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    Ok, I just tried to put hydrogen peroxide in my ears (I've done this before), but now I feel dizzy... ughh..

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    I heard chiropractors help?
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    I have been putting up with this for the past couple of months. It all started after I got sick, got on an airplane and it took forever for my ears to pop after we landed. I never had these problems as a kid either. It's so annoying. My doc had said to try Claritin D.

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