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anyones LO ever get hurt in their crib?

we have a video monitor & watching him makes me crazy now....he's standing when he wakes & I worry he'll get hurt,,,???
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Re: anyones LO ever get hurt in their crib?

  • DD was waking up with bruises on her forehead for about a week. She had figured out how to stand up in her crib but not how to lay back down. I got breathable bumpers to help cushion a bit. She's fine now that she learned how to get down though.
  • Yes which is why we're working on sleep training in the pack and play and not his crib. He tumbles and bonks his head which just makes everything worse!
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  • I know I'm so nervous b/c he's figured out that if he holds on to the side of the crib while he's standing up he can jump and I'm so nervous that he's going to bonk his nose or whack his top teeth when they come in. Also, I only have 3 pieces of the bumper up b/c his crib has a solid back on it and I can't attach the bumper. So when he wakes up sometimes he sit's up before he's really awake and flops over a whacks his head on the back part of the crib... we hear "BONK".... waaahhhhhhhhhhh... that wakes him up!
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  • Yeah, not seriously though!  She'll stand up and occasionally topple over because she has a big head, lol.  She likes to stand and then let go when she's not quite ready for that yet!  Lots of bonks on the head and lots of tears, but what can you do?
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  • DD gave herself a black eye at Christmas and just yesterday I ran in there because she got her leg stuck inbetween the bars of her crib.  She started screaming an unusual cry and I ran in to find her stuck!  I think it's all part of the learning process though.
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