said goodbye to nanny of 3+ years today :( — The Bump
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said goodbye to nanny of 3+ years today :(

It was time for her to move on but she has been with us since Cammie was a baby and with Amelia since she was 6 weeks old.

But on the brightside, we save alot of $$$$!!! lol

if anyone is looking for a nanny in the Kirkwood area since she moved... shes available to do a nannyshare with an infant. lemme know if you want her info!

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Re: said goodbye to nanny of 3+ years today :(

  • We had to let ours go in August when our job/money situation changed. She was SO crushed and so were we. We gave her a month notice and she cried every day the entire month. It was so pitiful that dh just hid in his basement office during the day and wouldn't even come up to eat. She was with us since Sean was born so almost three years and she'd worked for dh and I in our house once a week for two years before that. Sean misses her but he LOVES his daycare and he's grown and matured in ways I never would have expected just in the past few months. We too are saving a bunch of money which really helped our new financial situation.
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  • Aw, that must of been hard! I hope your new arrangement works well for you guys!
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  • I can only imagine because a nanny truly becomes a part of your family.
  • I've only had our nanny a few weeks and I can already imagine how hard it will be when she leaves. Glad you had such a great & long experience!
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