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DD almost got SERIOUSLY hurt last night!

We were about to go out, and I had to put my shoes on.  I put Abby on a bench in our mud room and I was standing in front of her with my hand on her lap to hold her down.  She suddenly lurched to the side really fast and her momentum caused her to fall, head-first, towards the stone floor.  My hand was still near her legs, so I quickly grabbed anything I could and I caught her by the ankle.  She ended up dangling upside down, me holding her by one foot, with the top of her head about a centimeter from hitting the ground.  I was shaking so much, I couldn't believe how close we came to a serious injury!

So just a PSA - don't put LO on a high surface (kitchen counter, changing table, bed, chair, couch, etc), even if you have a hand on them, if you're not 100% paying attention to their every move!!!!

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Re: DD almost got SERIOUSLY hurt last night!

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