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Middle of the Night Pumping?

This is a really weird question, but it just dawned on me......do you get up and pump in the middle of the night even if your baby is sleeping?  Lena goes to bed around 8 PM and sleeps until 1:30 AM.  I get up to feed her at that time and she is down again until 7 AM.  Should I be getting up in between that feeding time to pump?  Should I pump between 1:30 AM and 7 AM when she get's up?  I didn't think so....I mean, if she's sleeping that long that's awesome and I should be doing the same, right?  When I get up at 1:30 AM and also at 7 AM I am pretty rock hard and starting to leak, but she's pretty hungry and nearly drains me.  What do you do?

Re: Middle of the Night Pumping?

  • If she does anything more than a 4 hour stretch I have to pump or else I can't sleep b/c I'm in pain. But me getting out of bed usually wakes her up anyway, so I end up just nursing her.  But if you are uncomfortable, get up and pump, but if you're able to sleep, I would sleep!
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  • If I were you I would keep sleeping and let a little milk leak. 
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  • Yep I get up every 3 hours no matter what. But right now baby is getting fed everything 3 hours regardless of me pumping.
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  • if you're trying to build a stash and don't go to bed yourself at 8 pm you could try pumping around 11. I'd sleep through after the 1am feeding.

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  • Not any more. I did when I was really worried about my supply. Now that we're good I only pump when she gets a bottle.
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  • I tried to do this exact thing but my supply got really low really fast. Now I have to get up and pump even if she is sleeping.
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  • I sleep, I leak and it's gross but if I am going to get a stretch of sleep I wont get up!
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