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2 day old nursing and fussing at breast

please someone encourage me! 

He will get SO annoyed and thrash around. I almost feel like my breast is too soft and he can't get anything. Obviously my milk isn't in yet, so I was told this is pretty normal but it's still hard. He will latch suck a bit maybe 10 minutes and then fall asleep but if I take him from off my breast he fusses like mad. I read on kellymom that they feel comfy on the breast so to just leave him there next time.

He just seems so frustrated and hungry and I feel like I have nothing to give him!  

The paperwork from the hospital says to call if he has not had pooped in 24 hrs which will be in about 4 hours.

I'm getting nervous.


my ds was a nicu baby so this is all new to me.

Thank you so much!!


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Re: 2 day old nursing and fussing at breast

  • It is hard when your milk hasn't come in yet.  My dd loved to just suck.  I do think it helped with my milk coming in though.  She would stay latched for up to an hour at times. 

    You could try waking him once he starts to fall asleep to encourage him to eat longer.  I remember having to strip my son down to a diaper because he always fell asleep.  Is he having wet diapers?

    Breastfeeding was really hard for the first 2 weeks or so.  It takes practice for mommy and baby.  Good luck.  I don't think you can regret choosing to breastfeed.

  • First - congrats!!!

    It's pretty normal for newborns to just fall asleep - have you tried waking him up when he does to see if he'll nurse more?  Your breasts will stay pretty soft feeling until your milk comes in - but he's still getting colostrum which is all he needs right now.

    How often is he nursing?  It is true that the more time he's on the breast, the better so letting him hang there isn't bad.  Probably once he's really asleep, you can move him.  Also, trying to get him to nurse longer at a time (even if you have to wake him) should help.

    It is normal to not have frequent poops.  Kiddo was always a super frequent pooper but some BF babies will go a day or more between poops.  Things should move along more once your milk comes in.

    Also, how's his latch?  If he isn't latching well, that could also cause him to not get as much and therefore be frustrated.


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  • get a good sling or carrier and just let baby stay latched for as long as he likes!

    when he was in the NICU did they give him bottles or a pacifier? this cause 'nipple confusion' or 'bottle preference' and can make baby fussy at breast. 

    A baby that young you should be waking at least every two hours to nurse, and sleepy babies have to be woke by mom, even at night until baby is back to their birth weight. Instead of calling the hospital, call a IBCLC International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, they will help you more than just telling you to supplement




    Little Rose is 2 1/2.
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