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anyone else 30+ weeks and not started nursery?

It took so long to get my DS's big boy room done because we kept having setbacks (as in the mattress we ordered came 3 weeks late for starters.....) and now I keep telling DH we HAVE to go get the paint soon!  I mean, I have the furniture because it was DS's, and I know this LO will be in a bassinet in our room for awhile anyway, but I feel like we're behind!  It has been really important to me that this LO get his own space that we made just for him, and it just keeps not happening yet!
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Re: anyone else 30+ weeks and not started nursery?

  • Well Im not 30+ week yet, but I have not even started the nursery. The nursery is just an empty room, and I dont think I'll be starting it at least for a few more weeks! I'm still to scared for jinxing this pregnancy.
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  • We've started, but haven't gotten very far.  The carpet is ripped up and the ceiling is scraped, but that's it.  Hoping my husband and in-laws make some progress this weekend.
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  • I'm not 30 weeks yet, but we haven't even thought about a nursery yet. We're moving next weekend when I'll be a few days shy of 31 weeks. Hopefully once we're moved we can do things like order furniture!
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  • I'm not 30w for a while still, but we'll be moving when I'm about 32, so I won't tough it probably until I'm 34+. A little stressed by it, but baby won't care.
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  • Oh honey! Saturday is my due date and we don't have a nursery. I have a crib sitting in a box in my dining room. Our house is so old, small, and poorly insulated that we're just waiting until the warmer weather breaks to get things moved out of the spare bedroom to convert it to our room and then convert our room into a nursery. In the meantime, we're using a bassinet. I can't wait to do his room, but it's just not feasible quite yet.
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  • Yep, right here! We bought our house over a year ago, and the room has essentially sat empty/been used for storage since then. When we bought the house, it had gross carpet, which we promptly ripped up. So right now, we have an empty room with no floor. We bought paint a couple weeks ago but MH is kind of a slow starter. :) Once it's painted, we're putting in a bamboo floor. Hopefully it will be done in the next few weeks so I can actually start decorating!!
  • Honestly, I don't think I will start my nursery for awhile. We might paint when we find out the gender. But we already have a ton of stuff in there from Aurora, that I don't think I can mentally set it up until I have this baby in my arms for good.

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  • I am not doing a nursery until the baby is born. The baby will room with us for a while anyway, and I am so darn superstitious anyway.

    I should admit that the room was freshy painted and carpeted this summer (we did the whole upstairs) so it's just a matter of moving DH's clothes out.

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  • I don't think I'll start on the nursery until pretty late. My grandmother (who came over from Italy) believed that nothing should be bought for a baby before it was born. I won't be that extreme, but I'm certainly going to take my time getting things ready.
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  • We will be moving right around 30 weeks, so I won't have mine started until then...That move is not going to be fun.
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  • I hear ya!  We have painted the room the base color, but MIL is coming to do the rest in a few weeks... The only other thing that we have done is replaced the carpet and set up a block organizer in the closet... We don't even have the furniture yet!  

    I am totally stressing about it, but I *think* (cross your fingers) that we are getting furniture tomorrow, so I will be able to start getting things in order then... That will be a huge relief.  And we have showers coming up in the next two weeks, so that will help also... I really haven't bought very much yet, because everyone says to wait until after your showers to see what you need.  I just keep thinking that if this baby decided to come early, we would be totally unprepared.   

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