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making your own baby food....

Hey Ladies! 

Anyone out there make your own baby food?

Do you make it and store? can you freeze it? How long is it good in the fridge?



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Re: making your own baby food....

  • I do!  I make one type of fruit or vegetable each weekend and freeze it right away.  Then I take out what I need for the day and put it in the refrigerator.  It's good for 2 days in the fridge.  A lot of people freeze the food in ice cube trays then pop them out and store in zip lock baggies until they need them.  I bought a set of baby food containers from BRU that are 2.5 oz containers instead of the ice cube trays.


  • check out you can pretty much find what you need there. 

    but what I do is:

    make a small batch of something to see if DS likes it.  If he does I'll make a huge batch, put it in ice cube trays, freeze, put in freezer containers.  This way I have about 4 or 5 options for  him for lunch/dinner.  For example, tonight I made him escarole with garlic and olive oil and pureed it with some brown rice - he FREAKED for it.  So, tomorrow I'm going to make the rest of the escarole and another batch of brown rice and freeze it all.  I may even add some bits of chicken to half of it. 

    For breakfast he has oatmeal (organic whole oats, not the baby food crap) and I mash a banana to mix in with it.  Or the oatmeal and cube of pear or apple sauce that I made and froze. 

    It's super simple and very reassuring to know that he is really getting the best nutrition wise.

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  • I make some and my LO hasn't even started on foods yet!  I steam, puree in the Magic Bullet, freeze in icecube trays, then put into storage bags in the freezer, which should keep for 6 weeks according to the baby food cookbook I got for Christmas.  Well, I didn't puree the rice.  I pulverized it until it was a powder then whisked it into boiling water and continuously stired for 10 minutes.

    So far I have brown rice and cinnamon, carrots and ginger, and apple/pear/cinnamon/nutmeg.  The last one I had to stop myself from eating.  It was like a liquid apple pie.  So delicious!

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