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Frustrations! (previously pierced..)

My son will latch on, but just doesnt really seem interested in breastfeeding. Ive had to supplement with formula because hes slightly jaundiced and I feel like hes not getting enough to eat! Its so frustrating! I had my nipples pierced when I was younger, and I feel like thats really making a huge impact in the process. I can see the colustrum leaking from the previous piercings, but not the nipple itself. Anyone else have this problem? Anyway to make this easier?

Re: Frustrations! (previously pierced..)

  • First off, your milk just may not have come in yet - I had to supplement with formula for a couple of days because my babies were so hungry, but now we're on track.  For the first little bit, I had major leakage from my old nipple ring holes... On my left side, the milk would spray out sideways - it was pretty funny :)  Only DD could handle that boob, for whatever reason DS couldn't handle all the milk that came out in the wrong direction.  Eventually, I stopped leaking out of my piercing holes.  It doesn't seem to happen at all anymore.  So be patient - both with the milk coming in and with the nipple ring holes.  Keep nursing, and it should all work out in the next week or so!

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