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I need to tell someone my mom's crazy story! (nbr)

My mom and stepdad left for Aruba this morning. DH LO and I are joining them there next week.

Well, they got to the airport at 6 am only to discover that my stepdad's passport expires TODAY. He was not allowed to go to Aruba, bc then he wouldn't have valid ID to get back in the country.  So my mother went alone!!

My stepdad had to go into NYC (not far from here, thankfully) and go downtown to get his passport renewed. He got on a flight for tomorrow morning, but its supposed to snow/ice storm here starting around 2 am and not ending till sometime Wednesday. I'm so nervous that he wont get out bc of the snow and my poor mother will be stuck in Aruba alone for 3 days. I mean, there are worse places to be stuck alone, but still!

They totally feel like idiots for not checking his passport so they don't want anyone to know. I told DH but I'm still bursting--hence this post Stick out tongue

Re: I need to tell someone my mom's crazy story! (nbr)

  • That's crazy!  Good for her to have the guts to go on her own and hope that he was able to figure everything out!  She's probably having a nice cocktail now and booking her spa appointments for tomorrow, lol!


  • That really sucks!
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  • 3 days on a beach with and umbrella drink... how will your mom survive ;) sounds like a vacation to me.
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