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any BFP while having low progesterone????

So my progesterone level was 7 at 21 DPO, and then I got on clomid and forgot to take a blood test for progesterone level on CD 21 so doctor ordered it on CD 26.  My level was 4.  Soon  this second round of clomid, she wants me to go on CD 23.

Anyone struggle with this? Any BFP ?

Re: any BFP while having low progesterone????

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    Are you sure you ovulated?  I sometimes don't ovulate until day 21.  My dr has me use ovulation kits to identify a surge day and then does the blood draw a week later.  Not everyone ovulates on day 14, so testing on day 21 is not very accurate.
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    I've beem using OPK's and also taking my temperature and checking my CM.  All signs suggest I have ovulated.

    I was ovulating before clomid, but she prescribed it to increase the amount of follicles being developed. But I think I just need something to help with progesterone.

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    I had love progesterone with my son.  I was given progesterone suplements (the little pink pills) once I ovulated.  It worked and I have a healthy son.
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    Is that their name?
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    I've never had a BFP but I do have low progesterone. It was 6.48 on cd 21. My doctor prescribed me Prometrium and this will be my first cycle taking them. Good luck to you
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