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Did you get a sex guess at your NT scan? Was it right?

Both the tech and the doc guessed at the baby's sex today at our NT scan, and they both (independently) guessed the same thing.  I didn't put much stock in it, but in my googling it seems that guesses during the NT scan are actually fairly accurate? Huh, I had no idea.

Anyway, did you get a guess and was it right? 

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Re: Did you get a sex guess at your NT scan? Was it right?

  • My tech totally refused. He said that whole "Angle of the dangle" thing is so not as accurate as people want to think.
  • The tech said that she was "pretty sure" it was a boy at the NT scan. She gave us 85% odds.

    However, my elective u/s over the weekend showed girl.

    So, the NT guess was wrong, it looks like.

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  • Girl guesses are more accurate I've read.  My NT saw 3 lines going down and "guessed" girl.  The 3 lines are the key. 

    At my 12w5day appt the doctor also said girl but oddly enough, seemed very confident even though it was so early.  I have another appt. with a different doctor tomorrow and we'll see what he says.

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  • Mine didn't mention it and I forgot to ask! I was kicking myself later. Sad
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  • I had an u/s at 13 weeks with my dd and i had 2 techs and they both said they were 100% sure it was a girl.. and they were right!
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  • Yes and yes. =]
  • With both boys they never even offered a guess so I didn't ask with our 3rd, but she took a look and said she didn't think she saw enough parts for it to be a boy. She was right. It's a girl.
  • My doctor guessed boy according to the 'blood flow to the area' or something like that, but from the angle of the dangle, I guessed girl.

    And she's a girl. ):) 

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  • I got a guess with my twins and they were correct.


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