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Newbie Here- ? about CM and OPK

I got a positive OPK yesterday.  Have been checking CM for the last couple days.  So far have only gotten cloudy white.  Not sticky/stretchy.  I am wondering if ovulation could still be coming? 

 (This is our 2nd month using OPK's.  I will be temping starting next month)

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Re: Newbie Here- ? about CM and OPK

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    When in doubt...hump it out! I'm doing the exact same as you - 2nd month using OPKs and will start temping next month. When I get + OPK, me and DH have sex. I'm not very good at deciphering CM yet, so we get to work when I get +s. It worked for us last month (got + at 14 dpo, but ended in a chemical pg). 
    History: Dx homozygous MTHRF gene mutation 11/2010 | Dx Mild Hypothyroidism 5/2011 
    Cycle #1 - BFP 1/15/11 ended in cp 1/20/11 | Cycle #6 - BFP 6/24/11 - m/c at 9 weeks 8/1/11 
    Cycle #1 after m/c - BFP 10/2/11 - EDD June 14, 2012 
    Betas at 15 dpo: 331; at 17 dpo: 934 
    Baby E born at 37 weeks on May 23, 2012!
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    Some people don't really get good fertile looking CM, so if you're not temping or anything else, I would go with the opk! Get busy!
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    I am still lost with CM so I started temping this month. Good luck!
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