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Monday Workout Check-In

Hey ladies Im so ready to get my workout on to deal with the stress of the day!

What is your workout for the day?

Im doing 4th week of P90x chest/arms/abs

Workout tip:

I saw this somewhere on the internet to lose weight its 80% diet 20% excercise. So true!



Re: Monday Workout Check-In

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    ran for 30 minutes today and started my turbo jam yesterday. Feeling good :)
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    Hey girl! You are strong like bull, workout those frustrations!!! 

    What is your workout for the day? Just did the eliptical for 30 mins, scared of running during 2ww Embarrassed

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    Ran 3 miles and did my yoga. I love, love, love sweating it out. ;-)
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    Have fun tonight, Crissy, and kick the stress in the a$$! :o)

    I like your quote tonight, because tonight I'm just takin' it easy. But I ate really good today, so that definitely counts for something. I'm anticipating shoveling a TON of snow tomorrow and the next day, so I figured I'd rest tonight.

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    I ran 2 miles, lifted bis and tris, & did ab ripper x
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    Same old 4 miles but I also did the 30 day shred after the run. I need to tone up my puny arms!
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    Monday hot yoga and and it was amazing. I'm on my way to mastering a new arm balance!
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    I ran this morning. I had ordered a new swimsuit that was delivered today and I was so excited to use it that I went back to the gym tonight with my husband to swim (he usually goes to the gym at night to swim).

    As an extra surprise, the swimsuit is reversible. I didn't even know this was possible! I must have completely missed it on the website. It's like 2 for 1! 

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    I took today off. I was too tired and sore from yesterday.
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    DH and I were very sore from our ride yesterday, so we went for a walk with our dog. I also did some core work with my exercise ball.

    Thank you for this check-in, missycrissy :) Thinking about you.

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    Hi there!

    More box lifting today... I actually will probably not be checking in the rest of this week as we start moving tomorrow!. yay! Looking forward to getting back on track through when we get to WA. (Tell Betsy I'll work extra hard the next few weeks after our move to make up for lost time).

    Hope you all enjoyed your workouts! Have a fabulous week! 

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