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Diagnose me Dr. Botb...

Right up front I'm going to warn you that this post is NSFMS (not safe for morning sickness.)  I'm really hoping someone who has had GI tract/ stomach issues has some thoughts on this. The advice nurse said to eat a bland diet and call back if it doesn't go away, which I'm going to try but I'm skeptical.

Three weeks ago I had the 24 hour stomach flu, out both ends.  Later that week I decided to do a cleanse (it's a clean eating + 7 day cleanse-in-a-box with fiber pills, milk thistle pills, and a nightime laxative) because I'd also been fighting a cold and thought it would just help to get rid of crap in my body.  I quit the cleanse after two days because I didn't like the way it made me feel, and it made the, err, runs I'd been experiencing with the stomach flu come back.  Since then, I have had one day without the runs. One.  And that was the day I took Immodium before losing the damn box of it.  Today it's been five times already and it's only 4:30 PM. 

WTF is wrong with me?

Re: Diagnose me Dr. Botb...

  • Are you sure it was the stomach flu and not some funky food poisoning?
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    Are you sure it was the stomach flu and not some funky food poisoning?

    I am 95% sure only because DH also had a fever and slight nausea and DS puked a few times too.  It could have been coincidence though, which is why I'm only 95% sure.  I've just never had food poisoning that continues to give me the runs three weeks later when the rest of me feels fine...

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  • I don't trust those cleanse things at all. 

    You may have made your system all wonky, or you could be having a bout of IBS.


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  • I would definitely go to the dr and maybe even get tested for some kind of bacteria, parasite, or anything else. Cleanses can sometimes make things come out that maybe was stuck in there or " asleep." I would talk to the dr, tell them your symptoms and see if they want to test you. The first thing that came to my mind is ghiardia (sp). Reason being, my mom has had it a few times and that was the main symptom. Also make sure to tell the dr. If it is just really loose stool or liquid diarrhea. I know it's gross but with Lyme, we have to talk about this stuff all the time because it is one of the only ways the lyme bugs can leave my body. Gl and feel better.
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  • My guess is that between your sickness and your body cleanse that you knocked out the good bacteria from your gut. Try some probiotics.

    If it keeps up for a few more days though, I'd get to a doctor. That's too long to go without a normal poo.

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  • I think you just got rid of all the beneficial flora in your gut. It can take a week or so to build it back up. 

    I would start eating yogurt 2 - 3x's a day, not huge portions, but eat it regularly for a week. Look for any kind that has "live cultures", doesn't have to be expensive. They have probiotics that will help with this too, but I know nothing about them. 

    I think the back-to-back diarrhea from the illness + the cleansing just wiped you out, and now your body is having a hard time getting back on track. 

    the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Tea/Toast)  diet should help you slow down your digestive tract. If you haven't had a lot of problems before, I think this is what's ailing you. GL!

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  • I ditto the probiotics, lactobacillus, or acidophilus.  A viral GI bug can wipe out the 'good' bacteria and upset your system for 1-2wks, then add a cleanse = no bueno.  Good luck!

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